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Alfa Tango Division England Official Web Site

The main purpose of this web site is to share information about The Alfa Tango Radio Group.


What is The Alfa Tango Radio Group?

Alfa Tango is a very well organised international group of  radio operators which was formed over 30 years ago in Asti, Italy. This group has grown to be the biggest and most professional group of it's kind and boasts thousands of members from almost every part of the world. Alfa Tango is the radio group that since March 1978 has promoted friendship through radio waves and as it is very well structured it is the group that many other radio groups follow. Alfa Tango has structured the 11 meter radio band to what it has become today. Alfa Tango was the very first group to arrange international meetings, international & regional/divisional contests, awards & IOTA programs and also publish an international list of members known as "The Directory". Alfa Tango brought about the prefix number structure to make it easy to indentify different countries around the world & this structure is used by almost every 11 meter radio operator in the world. To this day Alfa Tango still organises and runs some of the worlds biggest contests and also DX expeditions from new DXCC entities and most wanted countries and Islands. This group is a big success as it still maintains a "family spirit".

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What is Alfa Tango England?

Alfa Tango has members in many different divisions (countries) throughout the world and division England is one of the largest. Alfa Tango was introduced to England in 1979. Alfa Tango division England members are known throughout the world because of their courteous radio operating skills and their friendly manner shown on the band.

Alfa Tango England is run by a small dedicated team of volunteers who spend most of their spare time dealing with divisional matters. The management team is made up of operators who each have almost 30 years membership of this group. Alfa Tango England is structured so that ever county within the division has a representative who can offer help and advice to group members and to radio operators who maybe want to become members of this very fine radio organisation. These representatives within division England known as "The Directors" are a very friendly & experienced bunch of radio operators.

Over the years the division England members have been part of many Special Event Stations including:-                                

  • 26AT/30Y, 36AT/30Y, 26AT/20Y, 26AT/ECA, 26AT/IWW, 26AT/000, 120,166,207 & 209AT/CC.

IOTA activity including:-

  • Scilly Isles, Sunk Island, Lindisfarne Island, Barry Island, Walney Island, Roa Island & Hilbre Island.
  • And also many Islands around Scotland, Norway, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Channel Islands & also around the Isle of Man.

DX expeditions to many rare countries such as:-

  • 85AT/0, 140AT/0, 171AT/DX, 204AT/0, 291AT/0, also 117, 122, 177, 184 divisions.

Why become a member of Alfa Tango England?

The advantages of being a member of Alfa Tango England include:

  • Help & advice from the local director & coordinator network.                                                                                                    
  • Advice & up to date information from both international & divisional group internet forums.
  • An extensive range of group & divisional materials such as QSL cards & log books as well as reference books & loads of stationary items.
  • A divisional news letter known as "The 11 News" which is published three times yearly.               
  • An extensive range of awards & plaques are available to prove your DX man, DXCC & IOTA status.
  • Entry into radio contests both divisional & worldwide with some excellent trophies & prizes.
  • The use of special event station call signs such as 26AT/000.


The main purpose of this web site is to share information about The Alfa Tango Radio Group





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