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Alfa Tango Division England Official Web Site


Alfa Tango division England are currently under going a few refreshing changes and as part of these changes we are currently looking for a new design of QSL card. It is fully understood that there isn't a great deal of options when it comes to designing a divisional QSL card as basically the design has to be based around a flag of the division which has been the normal practise since the group began but, with the technology and the computer design programs available nowadays we are confident that someone will come up with some good idea's. If you have any idea's but, not able to use computer programs then just forward your idea's drawn on paper & we will do the rest.

Good luck.

Alfa Tango France have announced the dates for their AGM which will be held on 11th & 12th July 2009 in Northern France.

The French annual contest will also be active 6th - 7th and also 20th and 21st June 2009. More info. via


The special event station (SES) 26AT/000 is currently in it's 20th anniversary year and to celebrate this the station will be active from a few counties around the division within the coming months.

Also to bring a bit of activity to the band whilst we are in a massive lull in the DX cycle a divisional hook up is being arranged for later on in the year. This should be great for ground wave contacts.

Should you wish to be a part of the celebration and activate the 000 station then please get in touch for further details. To be part of the "hook up" you just have to give a shout into the net. More details with dates & frequencies etc. to follow. Watch this space!


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The main purpose of this web site is to share information about The Alfa Tango Radio Group


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